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UNICEF Sierra Leone has continued to support the Sierra Leone Health Management Information System (HMIS), which is a core pillar for strengthening the Sierra Leone Health System.

The HMIS is based on an open source web-based software, the District Health Information system version 2 (DHIS2), which is managed by the HMIS Unit at the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Information (DPPI) of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone. In this context, a robust DHIS2 system for the tracking of health system activities, inputs and outcomes across Sierra Leone.

The DPPI has requested technical support for the management and upgrade of the DHIS2 system. The technical support would support the management key aspects of the system and ensure the optimal functioning of the system. It is expected to also improve the capacity of the HMIS team and users.


The main purpose is to strengthen capacity of MoHS staff in the use and management of the DHIS2 software to capture, process and analyze data from administrative records generated in hospitals and clinics in Sierra Leone. Specifically, the Consultant will

The training covered the following areas.

  1. Design and modify DHIS2 data entry forms.
  2. Working with metadata e.g. Create, edit and delete indicators, data elements and validation rules
  3. Perform basic administrative commands in Ubuntu
  4. Installation of DHIS on Ubuntu. Configuration of DHIS2 on Ubuntu.
  5. Backup and restore on DHIS
  6. Upgrade the DHIS2 to a new version.
  7. Measures, standards and procedures to ensure that DHIS2 is always up and running.
  8. Performing basic data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDl) commands that will be necessary for proper administration on the DHIS2 in PostgreSQL.
  1. There is need for continuous capacity building especially the technical aspect of the DHIS2 over the next 6months preferably by an expert. The training was conducted to ICT staff that were new the Ubuntu operating system which DHIS2 runs on.
  2. The demo server that was setup have not consistently up and running due to poor management of the server.
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